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He is a widower with two children, and currently lives in South Carolina.

Just Us Kids in the Alley. It was at a time when Americans were facing the gloomiest, and the most non-promising economic outlook they had ever known. We played in the school yards, on hills, and enjoyed the camaraderie of each other. Just Us Kids in the Alley relates stories of our zany, hilarious and happy moments. There were moments of anticipation, team participation, and also, moments of sadness.

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We were a care free group, us alley kids, in spite of the dangers that lie ahead in the world. A world to us which was alien, and a million miles away in our thinking at that time! My memories as a little boy growing up in that era with his little friends in Northwest Philadelphia are memories I will never forget, nor want to forget, as long as I live.

The Thirties were a time when Americans were facing the gloomiest and the most non-promising economic outlook they had ever known. Yet, those were the moments when as a boy, and with his little friends, played together behind the Row Houses that we lived in. We played in the school yards, on hills and in the woods, and enjoyed the camaraderie of each other.

This new Edition will focus on more of those zany, hilarious and happy moments, as kids, growing up in Northwest Philadelphia in the thirties. However, slavery as practiced in West Africa was not inherited, nor could it be passed on to children. Over time, New World Slavery would evolve to become perpetual, inheritable, and based on race. We will see a similar story play out in portions of North America later; some Native American cultures also had systems of slavery before contact—though these, too, differed in important ways from New World Slavery. To support its growing trade empire, Portugal also engaged in conquests that marked the beginning of the first phase of Western European expansion.

As I mentioned earlier, Portugal established multiple colonies in India, some of which it maintained until the latter half of the twentieth century. Portugal also began to conquer several islands off the coast of West Africa, though the conquest of some islands would be completed by other European powers. Some islands, like the Canary Islands, provide easy slave raiding opportunities, as well as jumping off points for trade with the West African coast.

Because of the limitations of existing sailing technology, it was actually easier and safer! Other islands, like the Madeira Islands, housed large Portuguese sugar plantations—precursors off the vast sugar plantations that would later develop in Brazil.

Sojourn Sailor

As the end of the fifteenth century drew to a close, Portuguese domination seemed assured. They had reestablished trade with Asia. They had reoriented the flow of West African trade goods. Plus, they served as the middle men for the still small, yet growing Atlantic Slave Trade. To top it all off, papal decree granted them exclusive rights to colonization and trade with Africa in exchange for promises to spread Christianity there. But their Spanish neighbors on the Iberian Peninsula began to look for ways overcome the Portuguese stranglehold on trade.

Spain would get its chance when Christopher Columbus visited the royal court. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Sojourn Sailor Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

I'll try to be a bit more punctual next time. Reformation und kulturelle Dekonstruktion German Edition.

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From the Inside! As I gazed from one to another of the palm-crowned keys enclosed by the sunset-colored dome, my eyes chanced to rest upon the fluttering sails of a Yankee schooner that was threading the tortuous channel in the coral reef leading to the harbor of Cedar Keys. One day soon after her arrival I went over the key to the harbor, for I was now strong enough to walk. Some of her crew were ashore after water. I waited until their casks were filled, and went with them to the vessel in their boat. Ascertained that she was ready to sail with her cargo of lumber for Cuba. I engaged passage on her for twenty-five dollars, and asked her sharp-visaged captain when he would sail.

We have had northers enough when we did not want them, and now we have this dying breath from the south. Hurrying back to the house, I gathered my plants, took leave of my kind friends, and went aboard, and soon, as if to calm the captain's complaints, Boreas came foaming loud and strong. The little craft was quickly trimmed and snugged, her inviting sails spread open, and away she dashed to her ocean home like an exulting war-horse to the battle. Islet after islet speedily grew dim and sank beneath the horizon.

Deeper became the blue of the water, and in a few hours all of Florida vanished. This excursion on the sea, the first one after twenty years in the woods, was of course exceedingly interesting, and I was full of hope, glad to be once more on my journey to the South. Boreas increased in power and the Island Belle appeared to glory in her speed and managed her full-spread wings as gracefully as a sea-bird. In less than a day our norther increased in strength to the storm point. Deeper and wider became the valleys, and yet higher the hills of the round plain of water.

The flying jib and gaff topsails were lowered and mainsails close-reefed, and our deck was white with broken wave-tops.

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No landsman can stand this long. I remained on deck, holding on by a rope to keep from being washed overboard, and watched the behavior of the Belle as she dared nobly on; but my attention was mostly directed among the glorious fields of foam-topped waves. The wind had a mysterious voice and carried nothing now of the songs of birds or of the rustling of palms and fragrant vines. Its burden was gathered from a stormy expanse of crested waves and briny tangles. I could see no striving in those magnificent wave-motions, no raging; all the storm was apparently inspired with nature's beauty and harmony.

Every wave was obedient and harmonious as the smoothest ripple of a forest lake, and after dark all the water was phosphorescent like silver fire, a glorious sight. Our luminous storm was all too short for me. Cuba's rock-waves loomed above the white waters early in the morning.

A Strange Sojourn - Metropolis

The sailors, accustomed to detect the faintest land line, pointed out well-known guiding harbor-marks back of the Morro Castle long before I could see them through the flying spray. We sailed landward for several hours, the misty shore becoming gradually more earthlike.

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A flock of white-plumaged ships was departing from the Havana harbor, or, like us, seeking to enter it. No sooner had our little schooner flapped her sails in the lee of the Castle than she was boarded by a swarm of daintily dressed officials who were good-naturedly and good-gesturedly making all sorts of inquiries, while our busy captain, paying little attention to them, was giving orders to his crew. The neck of the harbor is narrow and it is seldom possible to sail in to appointed anchorage without the aid of a steam tug. I was still four or five hundred yards from land and could determine no plant in sight excepting the long arched leaf banners of the banana and the palm, which made a brave show on the Morro Hill.


When we were approaching the land, I observed that in some places it was distinctly yellow and I wondered while we were yet some miles distant whether the color belonged to the ground or to sheets of flowers. From our harbor home I could now see that the color was plant-gold. On one side of the harbor was a city of these yellow plants; on the other, a city of yellow stucco houses, narrowly and confusedly congregated.

There are some fine squares and gardens in the city, full of all sorts of trees and flowers. Enjoy these to-day, and some other day we will all go over the Morro Hill with you and gather shells. All kinds of shells are over there; but these yellow slopes that you see are covered only with weeds. We jumped into the boat and a couple of sailors pulled us to the thronged, noisy wharf. It was Sunday afternoon [Doubtless January 12, ] , the noisiest day of a Havana week. Cathedral bells and prayers in the forenoon, theaters and bull-fight bells and bellowings in the afternoon!

Lowly whispered prayers to the saints and the Virgin, followed by shouts of praise or reproach to bulls and matadors! I made free with fine oranges and bananas and many other fruits. Pineapple I had never seen before. Wandered about the narrow streets, stunned with the babel of strange sounds and sights; went gazing, also, among the gorgeously flowered garden squares, and then waited among some boxed merchandise until our captain, detained by business, arrived. Was glad to escape to our little schooner Belle again, weary and heavy laden with excitement and tempting fruits.

As night came on, a thousand lights starred the great town. I was now in one of my happy dreamlands, the fairest of West India islands. But how, I wondered, shall I be able to escape from this great city confusion?

Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor
Sojourn Sailor Sojourn Sailor

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