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You will be left with the second- and third-tier shops that might agree to do this. If the place you are considering buying a remote starter does not offer installation, do not buy it from them. I wrote a post awhile back that goes into great detail about why you should always have your remote car starter installed at the same place where you buy it.

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A remote starter is an awesome addition to any vehicle. Use the tips in this post and the vast amount of information on our site about remote car starters , and you are sure to make smart decisions. Good luck! It is filled with more than 25 pages of great advice to ensure that your buying experience is a great one! Founder of Mobile Edge, technology geek, author, ethical businessperson, avid landscaper, CrossFit enthusiast, master of 3 very cool cats, and very happily married.

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Some good advice. The cheaper ones definately have more issues.

If you are handy with vehicles and wiring, understand electricity AND electronics they are not the same you can do your own install just fine. I did my first remote starter in my 88 pathfinder in about 94 and have done several since. It is not quick or easy, but not bad. Again not easy. I leaned on my remote again the pathfinder while working under the hood.

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Luckily it chimed three times when the ignition came on before the starter engaged, which gave me time to get out of the way. Yes the hood pins are good but also fail… Ex. Rust on them or dirt has and will interrupt connection, which in turn will start with hood open.

Excellent information for me to pass on to my sister in law who is looking for a remote. Thanks for the low-down. David, Thanks for the kind words. I offer a money back guarantee if she does not feel that the information is worth the few dollars. Thanks again for posting a comment! Without replacing what is in the engine. Just an lcd screen to tell me if the car is starter or not.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write a column about these remote starters. I wanted to get my husband one for Christmas. He works on all his vehicles, so I was just going to get him a kit. Now to find a reputable dealer……I certainly wish you were closer to me, but alas… Also, it was very admirable of you to answer all these questions from readers. Anyway, good luck and thanks again. That means a lot! Thank you. We try.. As a retailer in Eastern PA, I understand that we are quite a distance.

Best of luck. Single woman looking to find this on my can be difficult and mind boggling. Your info was right to the to point and easy to understand. I enjoyed the video also because it is easy for me to learn to see a hands on process. So glad I came across your site!!!

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Anyhow thanks!!! Thanks for the kind words Chris… We are planning a whole series of short and to the point videos this year to help people better understand remote car starters. Stay tuned! I was hoping to get some actual useful information about which specs to look for, differences between AM and FM starters, installation tricks etc.

All the information here is basically saying to buy an expensive model from you instead of a cheap one, and also pay you to get it installed. Pure marketing and of very little use. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. If you take the time to look around our website, you will see that we do not sell anything online. Our site is indeed a marketing tool for our store here in the Poconos of PA. No argument there. But our site is much more than that.

It is our hope that we can provide people with information needed to make a smart buying decision, whether from us or from any shop. We spend a LOT of time generating quality content that helps people all over the world….

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At the end of the day, there is one thing for certain: No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to make everyone happy. Good luck in your search to buy a remote car starter. I truly wish you the best. Completely agree. Many people are completely competent to install their own systems. This person just wants you to buy their marked up product from their marked up installation team. The least that could be done is be honest about true facts, not just say things and call them facts. Just like the poster above said.

Wow, and I thought I was a cynic! I will choose to simply say thanks for the info I did buy the booklet, which is reasonably priced and very helpful. All the completely unnecessary, and anonymous, negativity out there is getting tiresome. Would you say the same thing in person? I doubt it. One deals with Viper, one with Excalibur for their remote starters. Thoughts on both brands? We offer the Compustar brand and we are very happy with it. Ultimately, your goal should be to choose the very best installation facility that you can find and go with their recommendation on a starter.

If they are a great shop that installs many remote starters, you can be sure that they will be installing a quality product. The trick is to find the right shop. Thanks, Mitch. Basically, what is the best you can get without going GSM. We have have tremendous success with the Compustar brand.

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I would highly recommend that you look into this brand. We sell a lot of the P2W Range is insane! Do not use best buy. They caused worth if damage to my vehicle. Threatened not to pay for it and treated us horribly while we tried to recover our vehicle,,,,. Where do I start when looking for a reputable shop? Do I just call shops in the yellow pages and ask questions?

Shameless plug for my e-book which educates you on how to buy a remote car starter and find the right facility. I see that Lincoln has a remote start for this vehicle, is it better to get the factory one, or would i be better off with a different brand? Explore over one-of-a-kind temporary exhibitors in the Pavilions and Discoveries. Stay trend-forward with top buyer and designer resources.

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Each season Las Vegas Market is home to industry leading trend programs. Register for Winter Market. Create your unique user profile for a customized experience. Book here, book now! What happens between Markets? Interior designers source from more than better-end brands in the Las Vegas Design Center.

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Remote Car Starter

Come visit! Let's chat! As the spring thaw looms, you can expect to see price drops on ski and snowboarding equipment. Still, hold off until March when the discount season really starts.

Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013
Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013 Smartphone Buying Guide, Winter 2013

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