Modern Particle Physics

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He has over publications covering a number of major areas in high energy particle physics. His main research interests are in electron-positron collider physics, neutrino physics and the development of novel and powerful reconstruction techniques for cutting edge detector technologies.

Modern Particle Physics

In addition to his research activities, he has chaired a number of scientific reviews for STFC and until recently was the chair of its main peer-review committee. Mark Thomson's main research activities are centred around three main areas. This electron-positron collider would be the next major collider after the LHC, with the main goals of making precision measurements of the properties of the Higgs boson.

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He is also the world-leading expert on high-granularity particle flow calorimetry, which is driving the design of future collider detectors at the ILC, CLIC and beyond. In addition to his activities in collider physics, Mark Thomson is co-leader of the UK effort in the LBNE experiment, which is the next generation of long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, aiming to discover CP violation in the leptonic sector.

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In the context of neutrino physics, he is also a member of the MicroBooNE collaboration, where he is leading the development of advanced reconstruction algorithms for large liquid argon neutrino detectors. Modern Particle Physics.

A Crash Course In Particle Physics (1 of 2)

Mark Thomson. Unique in its coverage of all aspects of modern particle physics, this textbook provides a clear connection between the theory and recent experimental results, including the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN. It provides a comprehensive and self-contained description of the Standard Model of particle physics suitable for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students studying experimental particle physics.

Physical theory is introduced in a straightforward manner with full mathematical derivations throughout. Fully-worked examples enable students to link the mathematical theory to results from modern particle physics experiments. This course requires a good understanding of Quantum Mechanics.

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Special relativity is also inherent in Modern Particle Physics, however for this course any necessary concepts will be taught in the lectures. Students should note that the format of the course will be slightly different in to previous years. The first four weeks of the course will follow a standard but condensed format, such that all of the required theory is covered by the end of the forth week.

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For the last two weeks of the course there will be no lectures but students will be expected to work in groups and produce an extended literature review on an advanced topic in the field although there will be no tutorials meetings with the course co-ordinator will be possible during this time. This course has no midterm exam, but there will be assessed problem sheets to complete throughout the period. Quantum Theory.


Print course description. Williams J.

Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics
Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics
Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics
Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics
Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics
Modern Particle Physics Modern Particle Physics

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