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And above all, by a large amount, no gdamn cross realm. I just walked out. I confess that I just found out a kid who used to bully me in middle school, who is 24, has no job or hair, but lots of child support and that makes me maliciously happy.

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I already had it going in, and I need the kodo. I am both the luckiest and unluckiest person alive. My best friend from elementary school and my high school crush both gained like twice their body weight and a small pack of crotch gremlins each, while the insufferable twerp from the debate team I always wanted to push out a window apparently got rich. No kodo in sight.

I feel this on a visceral level. My first ex-husband went on to have two more wives, paid both alimony, and pays child support for five kids, only two of whom are biologically his. Me whom he was so happy to be rid of? I giggle like a mad hyena every time someone mentions how miserable and broke he is. That karma bus hits hard. The worst part about high school, for me, was how much time everyone spent lying to me about the future. I feel the need to confess that I spend an absurd amount of time browsing the Am I the A-Hole subreddit.

Lets him asks him to hold her.

Summer Fancy Food Show: Health, and sourcing, and crunch, and . . . mmmm

Lets him comfort her. Lets him be her strength, if only for a few moments. In this scene, I think we get to see two characters truly come into their own strength and healing—and we get to see them transition, together, into a relationship that would that should have lasted years. Even years of heartache. And no longer is Leia the one who pulls away, who withdraws, who throws herself wholly into work and duty, but she is the one who has learned that she can turn to Han in moments of weakness and fear and not only has she learned that she can , but she does , that she is allowed to be uncertain and afraid, and that she not only can be human with all that that entails, including breaking and healing and loving , but that she deserves to be human.

Yes to all of this weary-hearted-queen. So well said. And it did last for years.

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More than 20 years happily married, maybe more than And on a side note even wounded he decides to use a double hand strike with the momentum of the spin for extra power. In other words, that move is going to HURT.

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A few other things I geeked out about:. This explains a lot of things that happen in the duels—any time a lightsaber hits the ground or an obstacle, it skips and kicks away from the absorbed momentum. You can see this especially in when Rey first attacks Kylo Ren—note that she keeps trying to stab him.

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I loved pretty much everything about these movies, but the lightsaber choreography may be my favorite part. Also a reminder that the Dark Side can turn pain into power, and that we SEE Kylo Ren deliberately make use of this by slamming his fist into his wounds at another point in this very fight. So yeah, this probably does hurt like a bitch, and the masochistic little bastard is capitalizing on that. The human body DOES. You get tremendous power, but often at the expense of self-control. Yes, first time I read about this was at the library while surfing through the art book for Revenge of the Sith.

Crunchy and hot. Mmmm good. - Picture of Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese, Toronto

I think this is what solidified fans head-cannon I know mine did that Padme had the force, even though these scene concepts went unused. Art of the Revenge had another quote by Iain McCaig:. I found it all very fascinating, but actually what I found more interesting was on the same page there was a tiny image at the bottom of Anakin in a lava pit. The description read:. Key Frame 02 Anakin rescued by droids on Mustafar.

What I like about this is the fact that while Padme may not have been born Force Sensitive, she probably died Force Sensitive. Trigger warning! Long story short, during the first couple of weeks of conception, a mothers body is doing a severe checklist on the fertilized egg the zygot to make sure it has all the right codes and ingredients to grow a baby the right way Heart Inside the body?

Functioning kidneys? Check Check. But if a Zygot passes all the tests and gets the opportunity, it latches onto the uterine wall and from that point on Pregnancy is Metal Af. Basically, cells from the new fetus will start to bury their way through the uterine lining in the search for the best nutriance, and the best nutriance. Now shes invested in the pregnancy on a personal, cellar level. Midi-Chlorians are a canonized physical component in the universe, and while all things and beings have them present in their body, few evolve the ability to manipulate them, and even fewer are born with exponentially high levels.

If they are sharing cells with their Mothers body, I see no reason to assume they would not also be sharing Midi-Chlorians with her as well!! What if her own Midi-Chlorians, likely dormant, began to react and grow as a consequence? Maybe exposure to high levels of Midi-chorialns in those not physically prepared for it or naturally selected is know to cause high stress and risks the mother safety?

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That may have been what killed her, Not just being a bit Sad! Sensing Anakin dying and becoming Vader, her light turning to the darkside, is probably what delivered the final blow to an already fragile willpower. You could make the argument that Padme was only experiencing the twins force capabilities through the maternal bond between mother and child. But keeping in mind Midi-Chlorians are a physical presence not just a spiritual one, this explanation makes the most sense to me.

Sources, 1 , 2, 3. If Hera and Kanan ever have biological kids, things could get… interesting for Hera, even beyond that of a normal pregnancy. My immediate, visceral reaction is bull-fucking-shit.


My version uses big juicy strawberries, rhubarb and apples…just because. Turns out it was a really good decision indeed. And you know what takes this crumble to the next level? Vanilla ice cream! Like, three scoops of it. Print this recipe! Toss the diced rhubarb, strawberries and apple in a large bowl with the flour and granulated sugar. In the same bowl you tossed the fruit it, combine the oats, flour, brown sugar and cinnamon.

The fruit? I love crunching on something with dessert! Yikes…I know, I know! Wow, that looks and sounds delicious!

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  4. We actually had rhubarb a lot growing up, but I have never cooked with it before. As far back as I can remember we have always grown rhubarb in our garden and yet I have never used them with strawberries :-O This will all be changing very soon…. I absolutely love Strawberry Rhubarb. And now that it is summer.. I crave strawberries.. Thanks for the bomb recipe! Oooh this looks so good. Looks delicious! It looks like it turned out pretty liquidy in that first picture. Was that by design? Or is it thicker than it looks?

    Oh yummmmm!

    Mmmm crunchy | margaritarivera | Flickr

    This sounds delicious! Yummy, Jenna! Do you ever sleep?! I love everything about this blog! Love it!!! And I completely agree about the vanilla ice cream! Is there anything I could substitute for apples? I am one of those weirdos who hates the texture of baked apples. FYI, when cooking with garden-grown rhubarb: avoid the leaves! I always associate them with autumn, making apple and pear crisps, but I think its high time I start making summery berry crumbles.

    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!
    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!
    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!
    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!
    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!
    Mmmm...Crunchy! Mmmm...Crunchy!

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