Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)

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Mexico's Long Hour of Truth

Then consider impostor news sites using URLs such as abc. There are also the devoted fanzine platforms that specialise in hailing heroes and trolling opponents, the platforms that sit for the first time in the White House press briefing room, platforms such as Gateway Pundit , One American News Network , Newsmax , LifeZette and the Daily Caller.

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Some say none of this is new. From the outset, they insist, daily newspapers printed gossip, rumours and lies. Orson Welles proved that radio could produce scams. Television was a state weapon for mass-producing fabricated illusions; and so on. But the sceptics underestimate the multiple ways in which, in matters of truth and post-truth, the communications revolution is marked by novel dynamics that are producing novel effects. Most obviously, the digital communications revolution tends to undermine space-time barriers so that the raw material of lies, bullshit, buffoonery and silence produced by gaslighters develops long global legs.

Post-truth spreads; it knows no borders. The colonisation of daily life by the so-called Internet of Things , digital robots that collect and spread information, guarantees that the geographic footprint of post-truth is vast and potentially total. The historical record shows that our times are no exception to the old rule that populism is a recurrent autoimmune disease of democracy. They are merchants of post-truth, exploiters of trust and confidence artists who take advantage of the communications revolution.

Winnicott in the arms of society: people who are so frustrated or humiliated that they are willing to lash out in support of demagogues promising them dignity and a better future. Among the strangest and most puzzling features of the post-truth phenomenon is the way it attracts people into voluntary servitude because it raises their hopes and expectations of betterment.

The most surprising long-term effect of communicative abundance and the spread of post-truth is arguably their reinforcement of the modern questioning and rejection of arrogant beliefs in truth. What is now urgently needed, they say, is the recovery of truth. But what is truth? Truth is the antidote to post-truth, they reply. It is observable.

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Journalists, lawyers, more than a few academics, plenty of environmental activists and data scientists are in the truth trade. Their failure to cast doubt simultaneously upon both post-truth and truth, to see them as partners rather than as opponents, ignores the need for a new geography and history of truth. The geography of truth highlights the spatial dimensions of truth-seeking and attempts to live the truth.

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What counts as truth varies from place to place. The French Renaissance writer Montaigne famously said that what is truth on one side of the Pyrenees is falsehood on the other side.

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Foucault repeats the point in his account of the birth of truth-telling le dire vrai within clinics and prisons. Scholarly studies of the way cities Escuela de Salamanca, Chicago School of Economics, Copenhagen School have shaped what counts as knowledge push in the same direction.

The geography of truth equally matters within any given society, at any given time. When Pitjantjatjara peoples speak of truth, they understand they are engaged in efforts to convince others of the rightness of their tradition.

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They recognise what mainstream white society usually forgets: that truth and trust are twins. What counts as truth varies not only through space but also through time.

Truth has a controversial history; truth has never straightforwardly been truth. There is a history of truth that shows that what counts as truth varies through time, but also the corollary that what is today taken as truth has not always been so. The public sense that truth claims are contestable and mutable interpretations is undoubtedly bolstered by the multi-media communications revolution, and by the advent of new forms of monitory democracy featuring a plethora of mediated platforms where power is publicly interrogated and chastened.

Monitory democracy promotes the growth of public spaces where uncertainty, doubt, scepticism, irony and modesty in the face of arbitrary power are nurtured. Yes, talk of truth is not disappearing, or dead. The truth is out that truth has many faces. This disenchantment of truth has everything to do with democracy. Considered as a universal norm liberated from metaphysical foundations, as a whole way of life committed to the defence of complex equality, freedom and difference, democracy in monitory form is the guardian of a plurality of lived interpretations of life.

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Democracy is not a True and Right norm. That is why it does not suffer truth-telling dogmatists and fools gladly. Democracy is a living reminder that truths are never self-evident, and that what counts as truth is a matter of interpretation. You can read other articles in the series here. The theme of truth, post-truth and the unfinished communications revolution is further explored in a recently published thepaper.

The Hispanic Challenge

Okinawan art in its regional context — Norwich, Norfolk. Like all taxes, they provide a modest source of government revenue. Several countries have also used tariffs to help their infant industries at home, hoping to shelter local firms from foreign competitors. Some tariffs are also meant to address unfair practices that other countries have used to make their exports artificially cheap. Almost every country imposes some tariffs.

In general, wealthy countries maintain low tariffs compared to developing countries. There are several reasons why: developing countries might have more fragile industries that they wish to protect, or they might have fewer sources of government revenue. The United States, for instance, maintained high tariffs for many years, until income taxes supplanted tariffs as the most important source of revenue.

After World War II, tariffs continued to decline as the United States emphasized trade expansion as a central plank of its global strategy. The U. Perhaps most infamous, Congress raised close to nine hundred separate tariffs with the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act , driving the economy deeper into the Great Depression.

But over the past ninety years, Congress has delegated more and more trade authority to the executive branch, in part a response to its mistakes in Smoot-Hawley. Several pieces of legislation underline this trend.

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Both Democratic and Republican presidents have used this authority to shrink tariffs, create the World Trade Organization WTO , and enter into a range of trade agreements. Other tariffs are meant to counteract specific measures taken by foreign countries or firms. For instance, the United States applies countervailing duties when another country subsidizes a domestic industry—allowing its exporters to sell products at a lower price than they would otherwise be able to in a free market—undercutting U.

Antidumping tariffs are applied when a U. In both of these cases, tariffs are meant as a penalty that allows domestic producers to compete as if the market had not been distorted. Critics, however, claim that even these tariffs are often disguised protectionist policies.

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  4. In some strategic industries, often for goods with military uses, tariffs can be used to ensure a country does not rely on trade for its supply of a good. Section of the Trade Expansion Act of , for example, allows the president to raise tariffs on certain goods for national security reasons. President Trump used this law to raise tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China, as well as from allies including Canada and the European Union, leading to accusations that national security was being used as a pretext for protectionism.

    Many economists challenge the logic behind tariffs and suggest they hurt more industries than they help, but some economists favor tariffs. Robert E. Others point out that U. Others have made arguments rooted in grand strategy. Still others support tariffs for purely geopolitical reasons, ceding any economic argument. According to them, tariffs might not help the home country, but wielding such a powerful weapon can hurt adversaries abroad and force them to make political concessions. They have pointed to the fact that the threat of tariffs against U. President Trump has often noted that tariffs reduce trade and, if the United States has a bilateral trade deficit with a country, less trade will shrink that deficit.

    Around the world, many high-tariff countries run substantial trade deficits. On Thursday, family members held a press conference here to hold its feet to the fire. That is exactly right. There is almost zero chance his chosen successor, Jose Antonio Meade, will be picked by the voters. Once out of office he may face the risk of criminal charges and prison for the assorted ethical lapses his administration is accused of. In the very short amount of time he has left, he should finally do the right thing: get the commission started and give it all the tools it needs to find out what really happened in Iguala.

    Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features) Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)
    Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features) Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)
    Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features) Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)
    Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features) Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)
    Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features) Mexicos Long Hour of Truth (World Politics Review Features)

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