How Can I FInd Gods Will?

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Will of God

We have a Shepherd who sticks close by our side. God also guides us by speaking to our conscience. The more consistently we practice communicating with God, the more He is able to guide us. He molds both our inner impressions and our reasoning and judgment so we can see clearly the next step we need to take.

What is God's will?

Our feelings must harmonize with Bible teaching. Take Jake, for example. He had a lovely wife and two children, but stumbled into an affair with another woman. Bible commands against adultery, and counsel on how husbands should honor their wives, could have shown Jake the devastating consequences of his affair and that he was mistaking biological urges for divine impressions.

If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. We must never allow any impression or apparently providential circumstance lead us away from a biblical principle. When the devil came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, he attacked Jesus on the issue of submission.

Ravi Zacharias God's Will

We must accept the fact that God sometimes says no. Never did a man pray more earnestly than Christ prayed in Gethsemane.

If You Want to Know God’s Will, Just Open Your Bible

Who will charge Jesus with failure to pray in faith? He asked for the horribly bitter cup to be removed. Every ounce of His humanity shrank from the cup.

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But God said no. The passion of Christ was not the result of human contingency.

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It was not the accidental contrivance of Caiaphas, Herod, or Pilate. The gospel is not a fairy tale.

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The Father would not negotiate the cup. Jesus was called to drink it to its last dregs. And He accepted it. The prayer of faith is not a demand that we place on God. It is not a presumption of a granted request. Yet each part plays a role in forming our lives into the harmonious wholes that God intends them to be.

Our personal vocation began the moment we came into existence. Thus, small children too have personal vocations. And as they grow older, parents should teach and model for their children how to responsibly discern and live their personal vocations for themselves.

And we have to be detached enough from our own agendas to be able to hear what God wants, including if he wants something that may not correspond to our desires. But God is very unlikely to let us know more than we need to know at present.

So the question you bring to discernment is: Does God want me to begin studies now Fall semester ? You raise the issues of finances and prior family commitments. If no school accepts you, then again you have your answer, at least for the time being. The challenge of the Christian life is to integrate into a harmonious whole the many dimensions of our lives: our desires, opportunities, and limitations; our strengths and weaknesses; our sufferings and disappointments; even our past sinfulness.

Some things in our life may need to be reprioritized, other things to be set aside.

How Can I FInd Gods Will? How Can I FInd Gods Will?
How Can I FInd Gods Will? How Can I FInd Gods Will?
How Can I FInd Gods Will? How Can I FInd Gods Will?
How Can I FInd Gods Will? How Can I FInd Gods Will?
How Can I FInd Gods Will? How Can I FInd Gods Will?

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