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She is his well-known neighbor and the only major character to have both a given name and a family name. Susie is an adorable, smart, polite and beautiful 6-year-old girl.

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She takes her studies seriously and doesn't slack off on her homework like Calvin does. She also takes piano lessons. It has been said that the drawing of Susie Derkins is based on a drawing of Melissa Watterson as a little girl--hence her resemblance to Calvin's mother. Her mother must be friends, or at least cordial, with Calvin's mother ; this is supported when in a story arc Susie must stay at Calvin's house when her mother could not pick her up, and she called Calvin's mom when Calvin, as Stupendous Man , dropped a huge snowball on her.

Who Was John Calvin?

Oddly, although she treats school seriously, she sometimes attempts to cheat on tests. In the winter time, Susie also builds snowmen, although they are nowhere near as unusual as Calvin's. The most unique creation of hers was a snow woman, which inspired Calvin to make an anatomically correct male snowman in the front yard. Susie is about Calvin's size, and usually wears a shirt and overalls or a shirt and pants, but sometimes, her outfit is a dress or a shirt and skirt. While Susie often ignores Calvin entirely, she is attracted to Hobbes.

She often hugs Hobbes or comments on how he is cute to Hobbes' delight and Calvin's disgust. Although Hobbes does not return the love physically as he is only a stuffed tiger to her , Susie often becomes the topic of conversation while talking with Calvin.

He also wears ties and things for her, and Calvin yells at him for not mauling her when he has the chance. Calvin followed St. According to Calvin, the members of the invisible church have been eternally decreed to be saved.

Rather, Calvin believed that one could, and should, get as close to identifying the visible and invisible churches as possible. For Calvin, this was an issue of church discipline. Calvin believed the church should distinguish the wheat from the chaff as much as possible.

Calvin would add the proper use of Church Discipline as the third essential mark of the church, in addition to the preaching of the Gospel and the administration of the Sacraments. Because of his training as a lawyer and his service as a magistrate in Geneva, Calvin can be understood politically as well as theologically. When Servetus came to Geneva in , he was arrested by the Genevans, and famously burned at the stake with a copy of his latest work tied around his leg.

How involved was Calvin? Was Calvin an overbearing, theological bully who would have his opponents put to death? Or was he unwittingly carried along with a rabid Genevan consistory that was out for blood? While Calvin considered Servetus theologically dangerous, he pled with the Consistory in Geneva for his old friend merely to have his head cut off, rather than burn at the stake. Calvin did not believe that any political state could operate with a two-confession solution.

John Calvin

Instead, he believed that there must be a single confession of faith e. Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed shared by magistrates and citizens alike. And Calvin is the only defendant in the history of the county to have the law applied for a first-time offense. Calvin deeply regrets that fateful decision back in to sell drugs, but he is determined to show that 17 years is too long a sentence for his crime.

His petition includes dozens of character references from family and friends, leaders from the local chapter of the NAACP, and State Rep. Brenda Gilmore.

Don't disciple alone

Twelve Nashville Metro Council members signed a letter urging sentencing relief. McGuire prosecuted Calvin for the sale and possession of narcotics in a drug-free school zone. Yet now he thinks Calvin should be released early. In a supporting affidavit from Mr. I additionally fail to see how his release at a time earlier than —and after over nine years of incarceration—will deprecate the seriousness of the offense for which he was convicted or significantly imperil the public safety … I would personally not oppose a clemency or early release petition by him, given the long term of incarceration he has already served and the non-violent nature of the offenses for which he was convicted.

I fail to see how an additional six years of incarceration will improve Mr. Calvin Bryant: 17 Years for a First Offense.

Friends of Calvin
Friends of Calvin
Friends of Calvin
Friends of Calvin
Friends of Calvin

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