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Is there an easy way to tell the particular emitter to just follow the mask path. Any help would be great Thanks in advance Pouyan. Report Post.

I did this just yesterday The following worked for me. Hope this is what you are wanting to do. Deidre listened to their rustling and distant cries and focused on placing her feet along the path.

After Effects Tutorial: Get an object to follow a mask path

She spotted the place down the path , a point overlooking the valley. She followed what she thought was the path Ully had brought her on and found her way to the women's barracks. Despite his monstrous habits of shredding anything in his path , he had a sense of honor more deeply ingrained than she'd ever suspected. He walked a familiar path to a graveyard so old, not even legends remained about its location or the importance of those buried there. He walked up the beach and into the shrubs, finding a path that led to a small village of red cottages.

It was after his adrenaline tapered off that he smelled blood, and he trotted down a path in the direction of the scent. Before she could respond, Kris strode from the doorway down the path , stopping in front of the two approaching. Hannah had been a kept woman with no problems since meeting Gio, whereas Katie had always struggled to find her path.

He purposely didn. Romas and Evelyn were already several dozen feet down the flowered path. He owed them nothing after his mission, which cleared a path for him to do what he must to regain his throne. His every look was penetrating, as if he sought to capture her thoughts whenever she crossed his path.

They stepped into the cooler house, and her attention was caught by Talal, who froze in mid-stride along her path toward the northern wing.

Attach an object to a motion path

Two moons rose, and the four warriors around her kept to a path only they understood. The men ignored the signs of war, instead keeping to a quick pace along their path. They continued up a winding path toward the top of the lowest of the mountains. They were forced to slow their pace when the trail became covered with slippery shale and the path grew steeper. You will follow this path that leads around the hill back toward the encampment. He gave her a small push toward the path , and she looked down, squinting in the moonlight to see the darkened trail.

Heart pounding, she trotted down the sloping trail, glancing nervously at the hill to make sure she didn't suddenly fall off her path. Suddenly, a dark form launched itself from behind a group of boulders onto her path. The door closed behind them as he strode through the lighted, vacant halls, following a familiar path on the way to the chamber. Moisture clung to her skin as she started down the familiar path to Lover's Lane. After clamping on their skies and hoisting day-packs, they set out on the groomed path. There were a number of different routes, but the Deans chose the two-mile town site loop, a nearly flat path that first traversed a scented pine forest and then opened to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

Donald Ryland led the troupe down the path on the west side of the river. All were out of sight below except for Mick and Penny who were just now scrambling up to the path. Donnie remained with his father and his new found ice climbing friends while Dean took his wife's hand and strolled further down the snow covered path , away from the edge. While the snow was deeper here and the path less traveled, the walking was not difficult. Dean wandered up the penstock trail, the path he and Cynthia followed earlier, where Donald Ryland had climbed.

It was peaceful on the path , in spite of the snow and increased inconvenience of trudging in its depth. Once beyond access to the river below, the seldom-used path presented an unbroken cover of fresh white, now blanketed in more than a foot of fresh powder, as it followed the large pipe toward the reservoir. The location was somewhat isolated from the rest of the path and climbing area.

Dean supposed this was his idea of being subtle while trying to cut off the open path. In years long gone it was the rail bed for the line that ran to terminus in Ouray and now a favorite path for bikers.

From what he could see from the roadway bridge the upper path was empty. Dean wished he'd taken time to dress more warmly as he hurried down the penstock path toward where Shipton's severed line had been tethered. Once off the walkway, Dean ran down the path until he spotted a pile of equipment and what had been described as fixed belay.

The retreating blonde woman's rope and crampons lay discarded at the edge of the path , the bag from their recent purchase crumpled nearby.

He tried to move laterally, away to his right, but the gnarled branches of a now-dead bush blocked his path. He recalled none of this, nor his damaged body being placed on a litter at the narrow edge of the cascading water and lifted upward from the depth of the inaccessible gorge to the penstock path above. Walking a path that led to the pond, he found the distinct smell of human. From the corner of her eye she saw the gray truck pushing a trail down the drive and dodged out of its path , completely forgetting about the stump hidden under the snow.

At the path she slowed, and he caught up with her, following her to the edge of the creek. Dan ran ahead of them, Elise behind, and they flew down a deer path to a creek, then darted across rocks to the other bank. Brady pushed her from his mind, focusing on the deer path leading away from the condo community into the forest. He stalked off into the forest, away from the castle and cliff. Toby clambered through the brush and trees after him, the angel's footsteps loud where Rhyn's were silent.

Rhyn found a deer path and followed it until he reached a snowy meadow. Crossing it, he continued to look for a place to stash the angel where the kid wouldn't freeze to death. After another hour of walking, he found a small pocket in the roots of a massive tree. The forest was soon filled with the sound of pursuers. Katie needed no further encouragement.

She pulled her arm free and ran behind Gabriel as he kept to the invisible path. A shadow caught her attention. She glanced over and froze, tripping.

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Follow this path until you reach a stream. Follow the stream towards the smaller moon. I'll catch up with you. Whatever you do, don't leave the stream. His shove almost drove her to her knees again. She steadied herself and looked up in time to see him disappear into the jungle.

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Fear made her heart pound. The strange path he'd been following appeared ahead of her, revealing itself only a few steps at a time. She started at a walk and quickened to a jog, making sure the path wouldn't close and trip her. The path kept up with her, and she ran. Katie hesitated then continued onto the path Gabriel had told her to follow. She didn't know what the creature was. He looked like Andre, but Andre was dead-dead, which meant the creature following them was something else.

Katie frowned. In the course of a day, Gabe had gone from emotional to unaffected when discussing Death. He was distracted, and she felt like she was talking to someone completely different. Blaming herself for taking his mind off of their survival, she fell silent and followed him.

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Briars and branches caught her pant legs, and she found herself slowing to push more and more of the jungle's flora out of the way. Gabe, too, began to struggle with the bramble, and she noticed the jungle no longer laid their path before him. Instead of clearing away to allow them passage, it stayed where it was, obstructing them.

Follow A Certain Path Follow A Certain Path
Follow A Certain Path Follow A Certain Path
Follow A Certain Path Follow A Certain Path
Follow A Certain Path Follow A Certain Path
Follow A Certain Path Follow A Certain Path

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