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Armor Is Useless

A single swing of a sword is enough to kill an opponent wearing full plate armor. All arrows are armor-piercing and will penetrate even thick armor as if it were just a sheet of paper. Indeed, it's often the case that people who wear armor find themselves far more competent after they either discard it or have it destroyed for them by the nice people out to kill them.

In the latter case, it leaves one wondering why they bothered with it in the first place, if they can survive attacks that completely demolish their armor anyway. Related to this, quality armor such as the plate suit that stamps someone as "medieval warrior" on sight should be quite expensive; mooks might be looked at as issued cheap protection that only looks like elite armor.

The Unspoken Plan Guarantee may also be connected; the armor represents a plan to be invulnerable, which, once presented to the audience, has to fail or it'd be boringly predictable. This helps explain why hidden Bulletproof Vests usually work. The logical extreme of this trope is the Full-Frontal Assault. For non-armor objects that make for bizarrely non-useless armor, see Pocket Protector.

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The best armor, of course, is Plot Armor. When armor isn't useless, but it limits speed, see Shed Armor, Gain Speed.

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See also Tanks for Nothing , if the armor in question has treads and a gun on it. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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Just wait 'till you see her solution Hector: A man died while wearing it! Hector, it's a suit of armor. Men who wear them tend to do that. Anime and Manga. Sailor Moon : The Sailor Senshi wear nothing but moderately skimpy clothing made of what appears to be cotton, yet appears to be perfectly capable of keeping the wearer — exposed skin and all — protected from everything from flying debris to flames to the vacuum of space. Further, while they are often smacked around, their clothing only shows it when they are fighting the Big Bad or somebody directly under them. In the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon , Senshi wears some armor — a sports-bra-style Breast Plate made of what looks like fiberglass or plastic.

In the same vein as Sailor Moon , the characters from the Pretty Cure series wear different varieties of clothing, but still withstand the same kinds of forces the Senshi dealt with, including space. Unlike the Senshi, their uniforms would get scuffed in major battles, but never tore or ripped. His armor is technically extremely powerful and very useful, but he doesn't even need it because he's so damned good. InuYasha : While in one of the earliest episodes Inuyasha insists on Kagome wearing his robe a kind of magical fireproof vest , for most of the series a simple Sailor Fuku had no trouble keeping her safe from harm.

And then there's Inuyasha's own luck with that red robe In the Mazinger saga: Mazinger Z tries to avert this trope. Mazinger's cockpit offers little protection, and in the first chapters, Kouji repeatedly gets hurt and even knocked out because he fights in civilian clothes and in the manga the villains are aware of that and try to exploit it. In an early story, Baron Ashura commands a Mechanical Beast to grab Mazinger, fly high and drop it, knowing — as Kouji does — that the freefall's impact would kill the pilot, even if Mazinger endured it.

In order to avoid that, he begins wearing a Latex Space Suit to protect his body during the fights. It is more protective than plain clothes, but he still gets injured while wearing it.

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Another series of the franchise plays this trope in a more straight fashion. Tetsuya Tsurugi , Duke Fleed and their allies wear sturdy Latex Space Suits to protect their bodies from harm during the battles.

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  • They often get injured nonetheless, especially Tetsuya, who is too rash and reckless. On the other hand, New Mazinger averts this trope.

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    Kabuto wears Powered Armor that protects him efficiently during the whole story. Dragon Ball : Everybody who wears armor either gets rid of it or dies. Or as often as not, both. However, this isn't due as much to the armor itself which is used quite often by even the Main Characters as the fact that they eventually get to the point that their superpowers outstrip their armor's ability to protect. It's also explained in the original series , as most characters wore armor or clothing that was weighted for training purposes, and after removing it they become much faster.

    When Vegeta recovers from his injuries, the doctor reveals that the only reason he's still alive is because his armor protected him from being crushed by Gohan. The reason Vegeta isn't wearing armor through the Buu saga is because it's against the rules of the World's Martial Arts Tournament. In One Piece , armor is usually either not present or is dismantled fairly quickly ignoring, or course, characters who are literally Made of Iron. One notable exception is in the Baratie Arc, where a major part of the battle involves Luffy's attempts to get through Don Krieg's armor.

    The Hellsing anime. Anyone with body armor is really dead by the end of the arc they show up in, if not the very episode. Given the super-powered supernatural freaks one is likely to deal with in the series, mobility or, in Alucard's case, a truly impressive Healing Factor is a better defense than Kevlar. In Samurai 7 , most of the titular samurai wear no armor, and the armored one is a cyborg.

    They are shot at frequently, by everything from soldiers to giant mecha. Neon Genesis Evangelion plays with this trope: The armor on the Evangelion units protects the pilot but the list of damages is incredible. Broken skull-piece Sachiel, 3 , broken arm ditto , pierced Shamshel, 4; Armisael, 16 , cut Zeruel, 14 , not to mention nearly turning its pilot into Kentucky Fried Shinji Ramiel, 5; also aversion to Convection Schmonvection against Sandalphon, Also, it can't do anything against psychic attacks at all.

    Poor Asuka The armor's true purpose is to weaken and keep the Evas under control. The multiple layers of armor covering the Geofront become increasingly less effective as the series progress. Ramiel 5 takes 24 hours to drill through, while Zeruel 14 penetrates it with just a few energy blasts.

    The first encountered angel — Salchiel 3 — manages to blast through it in two shots — much faster than Zeruel — though he doesn't use this hole to his advantage. Played more conventionally in The End of Evangelion. When Misato takes out several of the invading commandos, a close examination will reveal that the soldiers' vest were penetrated despite Misato only using a pistol.

    Lord of The Rings - The Two Tower Audiobook Chapter 1-6 by

    Berserk : The series gives us a Zig-Zagged version of this trope. In general, armor is a lot less protective against all weapons than it would be in reality, but it's still better than nothing and can sometimes save the life of the person wearing it, provided that their armor's good enough and they're somehow important to the plot. A plot-important character is more likely to have their armor deflect or at least reduce the damage of a blow than any Mook or Red Shirt soldiers, who tend to get shot or stabbed right through their armor even if they're wearing heavy full plate.

    In those cases projectiles such as arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons often deeply penetrate plate armor and helmets, even if they are fired from a relatively weak weapon or over a long range. On the other hand, characters are often shown making an effort to target the armor's weak points such as the eye slits and armpits. The characters who can reliably defeat armor outright tend to be unusually or even superhumanly strong, such as Guts and some of the Giant Mooks he faces.

    The fact that enemies always gawk at Guts' Dragon Slayer and ability to cut fully armored men in half shows that this is rare in-universe and beyond the abilities of most.

    Episode of the manga shows that without being able to use his full strength or his giant sword , Guts has to use some unorthodox techniques to defeat a noble's son wearing top quality full plate armor, as he can't simply crack it open like usual. Apostles and other monsters are exempt from all of these rules, since they tend to be huge or strong enough to make treating armor like tissue paper justified. Guts himself acknowledges his need for armor even though he's Made of Iron , crediting Godo's armor with protecting him against the goat-cult leader and remarking while fighting Grunbeld that without armor he doesn't have a chance against such a strong opponent.

    The Berserker armor that he acquires later not only unleashes his offensive power, but is also tough enough to protect him from the jaws of an Apostle. Perhaps more importantly, it's magical nature is the only thing keeping the wound inflicted on his soul by Slan from killing him.

    Strange Gods of the Dire Planet

    Von Jobina in Bastard!! He's always clad in armor from head to toe but, as the series' resident Butt-Monkey , that doesn't stop him from getting his ass kicked around. Wolf's Rain : The Nobles' elite guard have heavy full-body armor and shields with built-in disruptor rays. Yet even all that doesn't prevent several of them from being bitten to death by wolves.

    The wolves go straight for their necks, which have no plate armor to allow their heads to move easily. Justified, in that the armor was intended to protect against the attacks of other human beings instead of an ostensibly extinct animal. Saint Seiya : Varies wildly. Sometimes armor plays a vital role in a fight, sometimes a Saint gets his armor destroyed yet it doesn't seem to make him more vulnerable to attacks. The fact that some armors leave a lot of the wearer's body completely exposed remains consistently unimportant. Shiryu is an isolated case, as he always seems to end up naked and blind too , but still wins most of his fights.

    In the fandom it is common to joke that a battle starring Shiryu is to take a while while he's still armored and seeing.

    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5 Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5
    Catlord Chronicles-Tower Master Emore Book #5

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